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Iced Coffee                       Coconut

Cold Fusion Pops makes popsicles from its Greensboro kitchen and only uses 100% natural ingredients (that you can actually pronounce!). We add an element of creativity and bold flavor for you!

Why Us?

Cold Fusion Pops will bring our popsicles to your event, cheerfully discuss the flavors, and then hand them to your guests.  To us, this is the most enjoyable part! because special celebration should be a memorable experience for you and your guests. Cold Fusion Pops provides the inspiration and services you need. Popsicles can enhance the experience at any gathering! Gourmet Pops can be enjoyed at these special events:






Corporate Retreats


Corporate Picnics


Sales Meetings


And much more

You really dont have to grow up!

Cold Fusion Pops!

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